Working Together

Let's Talk

It’s All About You

Drawing on my training in various executive and leadership coaching methodologies and 20 years of business strategy, corporate communications and consulting experience, I curate highly personalised programmes tailored to meet your individual, business and team needs.

My Role as Your Coach

I act as the ‘guide by your side’, a trusted thought-partner, catalyst, explorer and objective confidante who acts without judgement. Rather than providing an answer, I’ll support and empower you to access your unique expertise, experience, wisdom and intuition to identify a path forward. I believe there is no better architect to chart your own destination and commit to getting there.

This approach promotes accountability, and provides you with sustainable problem-solving techniques and builds your mental muscle.

Drawing from my 20 years of experience working in corporations, consulting and co-founding a business; where I can contribute ideas or suggestions, I will gladly offer them, couched as such.

Where appropriate we can use 360 and other selected assessment instruments to facilitate insight and guide learning based on your goals and organisational culture.

Tools and Materials

I amplify our coaching sessions with additional materials including relevant articles, TED talks, video clips, books, podcasts, specific coaching tools, frameworks and exercises to sustain you on your journey, consolidate new realisations or stimulate further clarity on actions and next steps.

One-to-one and Team Coaching

What Works Best for You?


  • At your office
  • An outside space (park, square, coffee shop or simply walking) near your office to help access a perspective beyond your day-to-day environment.
  • A purposely designed space at my home in West London

Connecting with Technology:

  • Zoom
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Google Hangouts
  • FaceTime

How Long?

Typically, 50 minute or 1.5 hr. sessions. And if a shorter, time-critical updates are required we can arrange that too. I can also be available via what’s app, text or phone calls for on-going questions and communication.


Programmes can vary in number of sessions and period of duration depending on your requirements and desired outcomes.


Based on the length of the programme we’ll schedule periodic review points to assess whether we’re on track, what can we improve and any course corrections required.

Accountability and Actions

I will fully commit to supporting you in achieving the goals and objectives we set. I know how hard it can be to change mindset and behavior. Real breakthroughs and epiphanies only happen when we put-in the work together.

As such I ask my clients to show up with an open mind and be fully present. At the end of each conversation we’ll agree actions to keep momentum and continue progress.