Executive and Leadership Coaching

“It’s not how good you are now, but how good you’re going to be that matters.”

What’s Getting in Your Way?

What’s standing between you and the achievement of your goals?

Fixing a recurring problem, juggling multiple priorities, making difficult decisions, solving a performance issue, finding clarity in ambiguity, navigating change, improving key relationships, turbulent team dynamics, the search for a shared purpose or forging a path as the leader you want to be.

Being a Leader…

…can be exciting, empowering, a big responsibility, challenging and at times, daunting. Not everyone will agree with the decisions you make and there’s rarely one obvious or easy right answer. When the pressure is on and decisions need to be made in real-time, it can be a lonely place to be.

Hi, I’m Tina

I’m an ICF*certified Executive and Leadership coach. I trained in the U.S.**, live in London and work with clients all over the world. My motivation is to bring out the best in people and increase their capacity to achieve, in line with their purpose and values.

I work closely with individuals and teams on the personal, strategic and operational elements of leadership to realise your highest potential, create opportunities, and develop mental fitness to better deal with the challenges that business, leadership and life will throw your way.

My clients include professionals in multiple industries including Leaders CEOs, C-Suite Executives, Founders, and Entrepreneurs.

In my coaching practice I create a safe, respectful and challenging space to identify problems, access growth mindsets, clarify purpose, remove obstacles, build resilience and identify actions to enable your goals.

The Result?

Move out of your comfort zone into bold action

Shift from reacting to events to identifying choices

Build greater adaptability and faster recovery from setbacks

Combine right-brain emotional intelligence and creative thinking with left-brain analysis, data and detail ensuring a holistic approach to any situation

Make more informed decisions leading to better outcomes